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About Maryam Keyhani

7 Dec
Oggi vorrei parlarvi di una stilista emergente, che mi ha davvero colpito. Amo le sue collezioni di collane del tutto originali, voi che ne pensate?
Maryam Keyhani, nata nel Marzo del 1982 a Tirana ma cresciuta a Toronto, è la direttrice creativa della sua linea omonima, la quale ha già catturato l’attenzione di magazine e store globali come LuisaViaRoma, Corso Como e Frank Et Fils. Diplomata al Ontario College of Art and Design, Keyhani ha lavorato da Holt Renfrew come visual, per Art Basel Miami, dove ha gestito le vendite della galleria, per la rivista FASHION Magazine, ed infine ha lavorato come assistente stile per un’altro marchio canadese, Pink Tartan. La prima collezione è nata un pò per caso, ispirata sopratutto dai viaggi, che l’hanno portata in quattro continenti diversi(Canada, Italia, Germania e Francia) e dalla sua passione per le gallerie d’arte. Le ricerche dei materiali per i suoi gioielli sono iniziate nei mercatini delle pulci, e ben presto, la gente ha iniziato a chiederle di effettuare ordini personali. E’ così che è nato il suo marchio,caratterizzato da gioielli artistici e sperimentali, dove diversi elementi, mixati tra loro, danno vita a delle vere e proprie opere d’arte. 

Today I would like to talk to you about an emerging designer, I was really impressed by her. I love her original collections of necklaces, how about you?
Keyhani Maryam, born in March of 1982 in Theran but grown up in Toronto, is the creative director of her line by the same name, which has already captured the attention of magazines and global store as a LuisaViaRoma, Corso Como and Frank Et Fils. Graduate at the Ontario College of Art and Design, she has worked as a visual at Holt Renfrew, for Art Basel Miami,where she managed the sales of the gallery, for the magazine FASHION Magazine, and eventually worked as a style assistant for another Canadian brand, Pink Tartan. The first collection was born a little by accident, mostly inspired by travels, which have resulted in four different continents (Canada, Italy, Germany and France) and her passion for art galleries. The materials research for her jewelry started at flea markets, and soon, people started to ask her to do personal orders. It ‘s so that her brand was born, featuring artistic and experimental jewelry, where different elements mixed together, give life to the real works of art.

Addicted to burgundy

7 Dec

Di solito, quando acquisto qualcosa ci metto un pò per indossarla; ma questa volta, no. Ho deciso, infatti, di abbinare le mie nuove arrivate ad un paio di pantaloni neri “effetto cerato” con zip dorate, un maglione che riprende un pò il colore delle scarpe, un gilet  e la borsa nera con dettagli dorati. Che ne pensate?
Buon venerdì a tutti! 🙂

Usually when I purchase something it takes me a while to wear it, but this time, no. I decided, in fact, to match the new shoes with my black pants by the “waxy effect ” and with golden zip, a sweater that takes a little the color of shoes, a vest and a black bag with gold details.What do you think?

Happy Friday to all! 🙂

Topshop mary-jane shoes
Topshop pull
Zara pants
Zara vest
Zara bag
Mom’s bracelet and rings


7 Dec
Distressed denim cut offs are a definite wardrobe essential, and not just for summer – worn with opaque tights, ankle boots and a camel coat they transition perfectly into your autumn/winter wardrobe. Think Miranda Kerr off-duty chic. This week over at the Harper’s BAZAAR Australia website I go back to basics and show you how to make your own.

Happy Friday! Have you got any crafty projects planned for this weekend?
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7 Dec
Is all I want right now. Space to make things, sew things, photograph things, and have parties (obv). It might not seem like a luxury to some but with space such a premium in HK, this sort of thing would be a dream come true. To have this you need to leave the comfort of the central square km and venture into industrial warehousing but I think it’s worth it. I’m on the lookout and will keep you posted. Can you imagine all the projects I could have on the go if I had this type of space? An overwhelming number of possibilities!

Images from here.

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7 Dec

Could this get any better? Perfect wish-it-was-still-summer inspiration. Stay tuned for my version of this mindblowing necklace (to be worn over a cosy knitted grey marl jumper in memory of warmer days).

Luckily I’ll be having two weeks in the sun just north of Byron Bay in Australia for christmas this year, and this little DIY inspiration couldn’t come at a better time. 

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Me, my bag & I

7 Dec

Udite!Udite! Il sito web Gazduna, ha indetto un concorso, intitolato Me, my bag & I, grazie al quale è possibile vincere una splendida borsa di Campomaggi da poter riempire con tutta la vostra personalità!
Come partecipare? Semplice! Dovrete mandare una foto attraverso una mail a info@gazduna.com, assieme ad un elenco di tutto ciò che ogni giorno portate nella vostra borsa. Dopo aver fatto ciò, verrà fatta un’analisi della vostra bag-personality, visibile sulla loro pagina facebook.
Il premio verrà assegnato alla borsa/analisi/foto che otterrà il maggior numero di like (valgono solo quelli che saranno postati nella sezione dedicata all’interno della nostra Fan Page).
Che aspettate? Svelate i vostri segreti più nascosti! 😉

Hear! Hear! The website Gazduna, launched a competition, entitled Me, My Bag & I, through which you can win a gorgeous Campomaggi handbag so you can fill up with all your personality!
How to participate? Simple! You will need to send a photo via email to info@gazduna.com, along with a list of everything you bring in your bag every day. After that, an analysis is made ​​of your bag-personality, visible on their facebook page.
The award will be assigned to the bag / analysis / photos will get more like (only those who apply will be posted in the section within our Fan Page).
What are you waiting for? Uncover your deepest secrets! 😉

Questa è la mia borsa con il suo contenuto! 

This is my bag, with its contents!
  • Blanco wallet (S/S 2011)
  • Big mirror L’Oreal
  • Iphone 4 with its phone case
  • Car keys and garage
  • House keychain Louis Vuitton 
  • Golia candy
  • Chewingum Vigorsol
  • Elastic for hair (always useful)
  • Labello (indispensable to avoid dry lips)
  • My favorite perfume: Alien by Thierry Mugler
  • Handkerchiefs Tempo
  • Agenda(the pink)
  • Blocknote (the purple)
  • Neutrogena hand cream
  • Small brush 
  • Pupa lipstick 

Obsessed with shoes and burgundy

7 Dec

Ecco le mie nuove arrivate, direttamente da Topshop! Non sono bellissime? 
Me ne sono subito innamorata, perchè sono color borgogna (ed io sto impazzendo per questo colore), sono delle Mary-Jane(amo i classici dall’aria un pò retrò) ed infine hanno un tacco strepitoso! Insomma è stato amore a prima vista!

Here are my new arrivals, directly from Topshop! They are not beautiful?

I immediately fell in love, because they are burgundy (and I’m crazy for this color), they are Mary-Jane (I love the classic looking a little retro), and finally they have amazing heels ! In short, it was love at first sight!