The Punk Hairstyles

7 Dec
The Punk hairstyle can be explained as something unique or peculiar hairstyle. The punk hairstyle trend belongs to 1970s, 1980s and so on. But the history and research tells that it actually belongs to 1970s. The style was born in the late 70s as part of punk rock’s fashion. Punk rock was an anti-establishment music movement that began around 1976. Punk rock musicians often wore strange (punk) hairstyles.

The Punk Hairstyles-4They often dyed and spiked their hair. Punk hairstyle of 1970s can be symbolized by spiked and colored hair ; and the colors for this style were wilder and the 1980s style was related to spikes, colored hair and Mohawk. Mohawk is something which means narrower middle stripes of upright hair and sides of head completely or partially shaved. This fashion can be seen in the work of today’s designers. The punk hairstyle can be identified by vibrant colors, attracting spiked cut and funky. The colors associated with this hairstyle are orange, red, green, pink, purple and blue tinge particularly neon shades.

The Punk Hairstyles-3Different cultures and art movements have highly influenced the punk fashions which are skin heads, rude boys, greasers, art school students, glam rocks and moods and other cultures also. Punk fashion is generally adopted by those people who want them to be noticed in the party.

The Punk Hairstyles-2
The Punk Hairstyles-1 The different sorts of punk hairstyle are original style, skate punk, death or horror punk, and pop punk style.

Many people think that punk hairstyle is associated with the guys but it’s not true. Sex is not the factor of punk hairstyle but the factors on which it depends are the style and the confidence to wear it. Thus punk hairstyle is the fashion of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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