Shaggy Hairstyles

7 Dec

If you want to define shaggy hairstyles then you should probably refer to messy looks. Shaggy hairstyles became very famous a few decades ago, although they are getting back in vogue lately – especially since increasingly more people want to have a carefree and easy going look.

Shaggy HairstylesShaggy hairstyles are usually worn by people who want to feature a confident and laid back attitude. It is a style that needs minimum maintenance and minimum preparation – before going out. Shags include layers, in general, although the style of layers, their length and their type varies.

Shaggy Hairstyles You can find short shags, long or medium shags. In short shaggy style, hair is cut in such a way that frames the face, while the rear part ensures volume. In medium shags hair is cut in several layers and lengths, depending on the demand of the client. Usually the more layers the more light the hair is. Fewer layers give a rather sleek overall look to the face.

In the case of long shags it is recommended to keep fewer layers because otherwise hair looks relatively ragged and heavy. Long shags are quite easy to trim and change and they are ideal for both round and angular faces, as they can balance the facial features creating a smoother result.

Shags work well with all kinds of hair, although typically the finer and thinner hair is not easy to maintain as it tends to weight down after some time. Thinner hair needs some styling products in order to maintain and tame the layers and shags. Generally, shaggy hairstyles need some trimming once in two months or a little less, depending on the length and type of hair. One of their greatest advantages is that the raged ends usually are not that visible, due to the erratic cut.

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