Kids Hairstyles Ideas for Boys 2011

7 Dec

Kids Hairstyles Ideas for Boys

Popular boy cuts consist of the buzz cut, the bowl cut, the fade and the layer cut. Just to name a few, there are many other types of boys hairstyles such as the spike cut and the crew cut that are also held desirable to many.
Check out pictures for boys short haircuts, curly hair and long lengths

The Buzz Cut for Kids
This type of haircut is a super short and very trendy look that is created by using short sheared clippers and creating a “buzz” effect.

The Caesar Cut
This is a short haircut where the hair is brushed forward but cut in a very short length. This is obviously called a Caesar cut because this was the style of the great roman emperor Julius Caesar

The Fade
Fade Haircut is a nice little style and easy to maintain. This style is where the kids hair is cut low on the top and the sides are completely shaven.

The Bowl Cut
This hairstyle is a cut that gets the name from the old times where an actual bowl was placed on one’s head to give children the perfect cut.

The Layered Cut
This hairstyle look can be created by cutting the hair in layers in different parts of the head, so that the hair will flow naturally but give a nice flowing layered look.


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