7 Dec
Dressing for winter can be a challenge. Everyone wants to look chic but sadly keeping warm often means dressing like a crazy bag lady eskimo. But it really needn’t be this way. Living in London taught me that winter dressing comes down to simple wardrobe maths – with outfits of high quality basics put together using winter wardrobe formulas. Layering is key so your outfits are usually going go like this – ‘this plus that plus this plus that equals chic and warm’. Done badly this is where you can end up looking like you fell  into your wardrobe drunk and staggered out with whatever fell on top of you. But a bit of smart shopping and wardrobe planning will help eliminate this.  The image below shows a perfect basic winter wardrobe – nothing too fancy, just important staples to see you through the cold months. Read on for my simple winter outfit formulas to keep you warm day and night.

Blue Jeans +  Camel Knit + Black Boots + Fedora Hat + Grey Gloves
Denim Shorts + Leather Jacket + Tights + Boots + Red scarf
Jeans + Navy Pea Coat + Breton Top + Leopard Loafers + Beanie + Mittens
Leather Shorts + Grey Knit + Black Tights + Camel Boots + Beanie
Denim Shorts + Khaki Jacket + Camel Knit +  Tights + Black Boots
Leather Skirt + Camel Coat +White Silk Shirt + Tights + Black Heels +  Red Scarf
Bodycon Wool Dress + Camel Coat + Thigh High Boots + Tights + Leopard Gloves
Camel Skirt + Navy Pea Coat + Tights + Grey Knit (tucked) + Black Heels + Red Scarf 
Leather Skirt + Grey Knit + Camel Coat + Thigh High Boots + Grey Gloves

See? It’s simply a matter of having a collection of the right staples and your options are endless. I know more than anyone that it’s often not possible to buy them all at once, but get an idea of what you are missing and try to buy those things over time instead of other less important purchases. When buying choose colours that complement each other.
When getting dressed a trick  is to choose the base of my outfit first. Make the decision between jeans, skirt/shorts and tights or dress and tights as the base, and then plan the rest around it. Simple! Oh, and never underestimate the power of a pair of sheer spotted tights.
Do you have any other tips for winter dressing? I’m sure readers in really cold places like Northern Europe and Northern America might have some important insights! Here’s a few inspiration pics of two of my favourite winter dressers – Alexa and Rosie.
Edit: In response to comments from people about needing extra warmth for their climates, here are a few extra tips:
– Layer two pairs of tights, one wool and one opaque.
– Wear thermals such as Uniqlo heat tech tees and leggings under long sleeved tops.
– Stay cosy with a knit layered with a wool jacket.
– Layer tights under jeans.
– Add wool socks over tights and then wack your thigh high leather boots on.
– Invest in a really good quality wool jacket made of thick felt-like material.

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