Hair Styles For Your Wedding Day

7 Dec

As every woman knows, it isn’t necessarily the dress that makes the biggest impression on your wedding day; it’s how you look in it. If your hair style isn’t perfect under your veil then everyone will notice. The best hair styles for your wedding day are the ones the compliment your dress perfectly as well as your personality. It is so important to the overall beauty of the bride.

Hairstyles For Your Wedding Day-3Before you choose your wedding hair style, you need to pick the perfect salon in which to get it done at. You should choose one that you are familiar with or someone you know is. The last thing you want to happen is to end up at a salon that doesn’t specialize in wedding hair styles. Make sure you make you appointment well in advance, as the larger salons that specialize in wedding hair styles get booked up quickly, especially during wedding season.

Hairstyles For Your Wedding Day-2Then you need to look at your shape of your face, as well as the dress you are wearing. You also need to know what type of veil you will be wearing and how much of your hair style it will be covering. If you are planning on wearing a tiara or a veil that drops over the face you need to make sure your hair style will not be crushed or look awkward. The best hair style for wearing a tiara is a simple one. You could choose the very elegant bun at the nape of your neck look or you could choose a high bun. You could also go with a very simple part in the middle of your hair style with curls cascading down your back. It will give you a more formal and put together hair style.

Hairstyles For Your Wedding Day-1 If your wedding is more casual, then you could easily put a few flowers in it, or better yet, just let it hang naturally with a few well placed jewel adorned barrettes. Flowers are also a popular choice in wedding hair styles, especially for the more informal wedding, in place of a veil. They make you look innocent and fun without losing any of the graceful and well designed look. You can easily match the flowers in your hair style to the flowers in your bouquet for a whimsical look.

There is also what is known as the Las Vegas hair style which is popular among younger brides, whether they are eloping or not. It has more of a funky, youthful look of a bun or ponytail pulled back neatly with the front bangs loose and curly. It falls on the face in an easy way making you look relaxed and cool.

No matter which hair style you choose for your wedding, make sure you really love it. Have the stylist practice beforehand so there are no surprises the morning of your big day. Consider having different hair styles from your bridesmaids to really stand out. Each person should have a hair style that suits their face and length.

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