7 Dec
Want to give your family and friends amazing gifts this Christmas but a) are cash strappped or b) want something more personal than a store bought gift? Luckily I’ve got you covered. Here are my top 11 DIY gifts for the gift giving season. I’ve focused on chic and on-trend gifts – things that your friends and family would be overjoyed to receive. Oh btw, these gifts aren’t christmas themed so would also work for Hannukah, birthdays and any other celebration.
1. Tassel Earrings – Possibly one of the easiest projects to make and perfect for mothers, friends and drag queens alike. These have all the impact of an expensive present without the outlay. Simply buy a pair of tassels from a craft store and attach earring hooks. Boom!
2. Mickey Mouse Pom Pom Headband  (via Marc Jacobs) – Ummm how cute is this? I know my sister would love it. To make your own use my tutorial here, but make and attach two pom poms instead of one. You could even make a little one for a child. Too cute!
3. Sequin Collar Cut the collar off a shirt and glue on some sequin fabric. Perfect for that friend who likes to layer on the sparkles. I can definitely see this being worn as part of a New Years Eve outfit.
4. Neon Collar – Neon is going to continue to be huge next year so why not give your picky sister-in-law a chic gift that will keep on giving? To make one simply cut the collar off a white shirt and spray paint it neon yellow – or glue on neon yellow fabric.
5. Book kindle/ipad case – This is sooo what I’m giving my dad. To make one, cut out the inside of a molskine notebook or vintage book. Remove the pages of the book completely and glue in elastic to hold the kindle or ipad.
6. Dip dyed silk scarf – Take a scarf sized piece of silk and dip dye one side of it lengthways. Embellish with pom poms.
7. Potted Succulent – Don’t underestimate the power of the plant! I love giving and receiving succulents like this – they have a big impact with a very small outlay. Buy a cheap succulent and re-pot in a painted pot. Or make a little terrarium in a jar or wine bottle – see some inspiration here.
8. Chain embellished friendship bracelet (via Dannijo) – this is perfect as a gift for someone who lives far away – easily posted! Simply make a friendship bracelet and then sew some bronze chain to the sides.
9. Neon Necklace – Spraypaint a rhinestone necklace neon. This is a killer gift and I’m pretty sure it’s what everyone I know will be getting for crimbo. Follow my instructions here and here.
10. Lace Embellished Sweatshirt – This is a perfect winter staple. Add some lace to a sweatshirt – you can follow my instructions here.
11. Canvas with Painted Quote – This is one of my favourite projects and could be given to just about anyone. Just personalise a big canvas with the gift reciever’s favourite quote or anything else that takes your fancy. Brownie points if the reciever is a hipster and you use one of their ironic quotes. When in doubt the more random the quote the better eg. this or this.
Have you got any other ideas for fun DIY gifts?

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