7 Dec
One thing I love about DIY projects is that they can be a continual work in progress. For me this is a (somewhat) sustainable answer to fast fashion – you can makeover an item a million times and get the satisfaction of having lots of different items, without the wastage. Two birds one stone as they say. This DIY necklace is an update to the white necklace project (seen here). A re-spray with neon spraypaint was all I needed to transform it into something entirely different. Hip hip horay for DIY!

You need:
Rhinestone necklace
Neon and white spray paint (non-toxic ofcourse)
How to:
1. Lay the necklace on some newspaper/magazine in a well ventilated area.
2. My necklace was obviously white from the previous project  so I just re-sprayed with neon. Do yours white and then neon for the neon to pop. Do a number of light coats, letting it dry for a few minutes in between so that the spray doesn’t pool on the surface.
3. Leave to dry overnight.

All done! I can see this necklace going though a number of other tranformations in the next couple of months.

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