7 Dec

I spied this amazing cut out knit by Aussie brand Kahlo whilst perving on a fellow Style Network-er, Alexandra of 4th and Bleeker. Love. It. It got me thinking about how I could update a cable knit sweater dress I have in my closet. Hello scissors, you’re gettin’ a work out sometime soon.

That reminds me, something I always think about when DIYing is the fact that the difference between a good and an average DIY is the quality of finishing. And it’s often what sets apart a bought item and item you’ve made yourself. And when it comes down to it, we all want our DIYs to look professionally made. For a project like this finishing is key – cutting a big gash in the side of a knit would look fun but pretty much as though you had done it yourself or perhap snagged yourself on a fence whilst frolicking in a field. To finish it properly you could use an overlocker, but who has one of those handy? An easier way to do it would be to roll the edges over and then lightly hand stitch. What more can I say? Finishing makes allllll the difference.

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